Vows and Bells [poem] by Leigh Fisher

Please tell me,
The clock strikes the hour
To fall out of love

I believe it’s time to
wash away this attachment grime
So I can fall out of love

I doubt he
is willing to climb—so when I fall,
Let it be from a low cliff

Smiling faces, a glossy invitation.
May this be the day
I forget the smiles meant for me

Let this be the way,
to erase memories made when breath
could be seen, hanging in the air

Blinded by the sun’s rays
Bells ring in the heat of July, promises of love
Fall from lips into law

Perhaps today, perhaps this hour
I can be honest when I start to say
That I’ve fallen out of love


Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

Image by daspunkt

Leigh Fisher lives in New Jersey and works as a help desk technician by day, but she is a writer around the clock. She is looking begin a doctorate program in literature and has been published in two literary journals, Seascape and Stockpot. She gravitates toward speculative fiction and writes a mix of novels, short stories, and poetry.