Note [poem] by Peter E. Murphy

I’ve left you a platter in the fridge.
Remember to pay the mortgage, the cable.
The checkbook’s in the top drawer.

I fed your fish. You have two suits
down the corner, the dentist on Friday,
and don’t forget when your car goes in tomorrow,

you’ll have to get someone else to drive you
home, pick you up again when whatever’s wrong
with it gets fixed. I’m taking the dog.


Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

Image by Ryan Albrey

Peter E. Murphy was born in Wales and grew up in New York City where he operated heavy equipment, managed a nightclub and drove a cab. He is the author of seven books and chapbooks including Stubborn Child, a finalist for the 2006 Paterson Poetry Prize. His recent essays and poems appear in The Common, Diode, Guernica, The Hawaii Pacific Review, The Lindenwood Review, Mead, The New Welsh Reader, Passager, Rattle and Rhino. He is the founder of Murphy Writing of Stockton University which includes the Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway and other programs for poets, writers and teachers in the U.S. and abroad.