Insecure Poem [poem] by Lynne Shapiro

For D. L.

Did the brilliant & beautiful poet
in whose workshop I drafted
a poem about heaven and Shaker furniture

Even under this ungodly light
blemishes do not show,
there are none,
nor do individual flourishes
which would cause attention
unintended, lead the eye astray

refer to my work when she signed
for me her book with a feathery
curlicue, a flourish?
And later, in my hotel room,
when I read the inscription,
so great to meet you poems,
I wondered if this was an error made
in the haste of a long book-signing line
or if it was a blemish intended?


Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

[Refer: This poem put the editors in mind of Aimée Harris’s poem “Book Life.”]

Lynne Shapiro lives and works in Hoboken, New Jersey. Her poems and essays have been included in a variety of literary publications, including, Decomposition: An Anthology of Fungi-Inspired Poems, qarrtsiluni, Blue Print Review, and Mslexia.

Image by david jones