Fix [poem] by Catherine Harnett

You photographed me
while I slept tranquilized
and when I woke
you looked immense
paging through
the Post and powerless

you said to ease me through
such nightmares fever

god please let it pass this blur
this haze I thought I needed you
your sly heart

which was poison
I could not live

you were my fix you loved when I begged

and loved the way I looked photographed

all skin and bones
all yours


Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

[Refer: This poem refers to the image associated with the poem “Every Time I Called Her” by Ellen P. Bloomenstein.]

Image by Seniju

Catherine Harnett is a poet and fiction writer from Virginia, with two volumes of poetry published through the Washington Writers Publishing House. Her poems have appeared in a number of publications, and her short stories are included in magazines and anthologies. She retired after 30 years in the federal government, and is currently working on a poetry manuscript and a short story collection.