I Was On the Bus [poem] by Ellen P. Bloomenstein

Then I saw Ashton Kutcher
On the bus—or maybe not
Or was it? He had on
Dark sunglasses and he was
Tall and thin, but not too
Thin and then again, he had
A little acne on his face
And then I thought no
This probably wasn’t him
I mean would Ashton
Kutcher have acne—even
Though it was only a little
Maybe it was him. Then
Again, could it be? He had
His cell phone and I was
Waiting for him to talk but
He just kept texting and
That made me maybe think
It was him—I mean if it
Was him he wouldn’t want
Anyone to know—it could
Cause a commotion maybe
And people would go wild
But then again, I thought
Why would I be the only
One noticing Ashton Kutcher
Wasn’t anyone else wondering
If this could be him—or was it?


Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

[Refer: This poem put the editors in mind of Margaret Fox’s story “Honky-Tonk Women.”]

Image by David Shankbone

Ellen Bloomenstein is currently the writer-in-residence in her own apartment working as a copywriter for Macys.com. She crafts product descriptions for everything from Fine Jewelry to Ready-to-Wear, Men’s, Kid’s and more. She earned an MFA in poetry and fiction from the New School and has an undergraduate degree from Skidmore in Fine Art. Bloomenstein’s poems and stories have appeared in Zeek Magazine, Good Foot, Sonora Review, Rosebud, Pig Iron Press and recently in a catalog, Negative Space. She has also self-published a novel and novella.