Every Time I Called Her [poem] by Ellen P. Bloomenstein

Her husband would
scream at her
in the background:
Come here, you jerk
you idiot, you idiot!
he was the brute
she was his love
she was devoted
she didn’t want
to live without
him, she didn’t want
change, she wanted
him and his terrible
temper beside her
in bed with her
night after night
if he got mad
did he pinch her
did he pinch her
hard? Is that what
this relationship
had come to?
where was the light
the love—their life?
I would hear him
in the background
but he lived in
her foreground
always yelling:
you idiot, you idiot!
you fool.

Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

[Refer: This poem put the editors in mind of Lowell Jaeger’s poem “Engaged.”]

Image by Bryan Maleszyk

Ellen P. Bloomenstein is currently the writer-in-residence in her own apartment working as a copywriter for Macys.com. She crafts product descriptions for everything from Fine Jewelry to Ready-to-Wear, Men’s, Kid’s and more. She earned an MFA in poetry and fiction from the New School and has an undergraduate degree from Skidmore in Fine Art. Bloomenstein’s poems and stories have appeared in Zeek Magazine, Good Foot, Sonora Review, Rosebud, Pig Iron Press and recently in a catalog, Negative Space. She has also self-published a novel and novella.