Eclipse [poem] by Elizabeth Catanese

Of all of the possible supernovas,
X-ray stars, nebulae, planets,
and zodiacal lights to the zenith,
I have chosen you, my massive star,
my collapsed dark matter.
I look into your body, my lips
gently touching your open core.
And I see myself as I have always been,
a tongue of light
sinking into your glistening
black gravity.


Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

[Refer: This poem refers to Anne Harding Woodworth’s poem “Quantum.”]

Elizabeth Catanese is an artist and writer embracing creative hybridity. She was a finalist for a Lois Cranston prize from Calyx, and her work has appeared in Adanna Literary Journal, OVS, and Anomalous Press. She lives in Philadelphia and is an English and humanities instructor at Community College of Philadelphia.

Image by thephotographymuse