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Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

Lee K. Abbott: “Dreams of Distant Lives”
MIchael Agugom: “Birthday Gifts”
Kathleen Alcalá: “Bringing Down the Clouds”
Jeanne Althouse: “Brush”
Scott Edward Anderson: “App to the Stars,”Love at Middle Age
Susanne Paola Antonetta: “Self-Awareness Is,”The Soul, The Catholic Theologian Argues
Renée Ashley: “The Crazy Dog Lady Ponders a Photograph from the Twenties”
Renée Ashley: “While Walking to the Beach the Crazy Dog Lady Meets a Pit Bull Named Betty Marion White”
Mary-Jo Balistreri: “What Was Never Lost
Devon Balwit: “The End is an Entry LIke Any Other
Ellen Bass: “Ode to the Pork Chop”
Ellen Bass: “The Small Country”
Allie Marini Batts: “My Life as a Cactus”
Sheila Bender: “To Make it Summer”
Sheila Bender: “With My Mother at 87”
Gene Berson: “Memoir”
Sheila Black: “Edge”
Sheila Black: “Poem for an Ex”
Sheila Black: “Radium Springs”
Ellen P. Bloomenstein: “Every Time I Called Her,” “I Was on the Bus,” “The End”
Bryan Borland: “Engaged Couple Goes to the Movies”
David Breeden: “Narrative for an Ex”
Duff Brenna: “A Way with Cows”
Shirley J. Brewer: “Diamonds”
Shirely J. Brewer: “Sweet Dreams, Dance Man”
Shirley J. Brewer: “Voyager”
KT Browne: “Iodinical”
Anne Burt: “Mercury
Cathleen Calbert: “The Star of the North”
Catherine Carson: “Pantoum for Playing Outside His Margins”
Elizabeth Catanese: “After Flayed Rabbit,”Eclipse
Rebecca Chace: “Three Bad Boys and One Bad Girl”
Ellen Collins: “Yard Sale”
Anne Colwell: “Freezer Case”
Bernard Cooper: “A Toast to the Cook”
Joshua Aaron Crook: “Quiet Us”
Walter Cummins: “Mystery Woman”
Eileen M. Cunniffe: “Stitches in Nine”
Eileen M. Cunniffe: “Wanderlust”
Douglas Currier: “The Sea”
JD DeHart: “Operator”
Barbara Daniels: “How to Talk to Anyone”
Barbara Daniels: “I’d Like to Have an Elephant’s Giant Heart”
Frank Diamond: “The River of Doubt”
Emari DiGiorgio: “Aubade for the Suicide Mind”
Emari DiGiorgio: “Holding the Air Beneath You”
Emari DiGiorgio: “When Emari DiGiorgio Vacuums”
Catherine Doty: “EZ Bake,” “Charm School,” “Maria”
Stephen Dunn: “The Affair,” “Jane Austin in Egg Harbor”
Mark Elber: “The Blue Haired Boy Meets the Mona Lisa,” “I Am Therefore I Am,” “July Night,” “Samson’s Hair”
Laura Eppinger: “Nests”
George Eklund: “Rhodes”
George Eklund: “White Hands”
Raima Evan: “Voices”
Raima Evan: “Shelter”
Leigh Fisher: “Vows and Bells”
Molly Fisk: “First Night of No Bill”
Molly Fisk: “Independent Study”
Molly Fisk: “The You Think You’re Having a Bad Day Poem”
Margaret Fox: “Honky Tonk Women”
Cal Freeman: “What Father John Doe Never Said About Trees and Habits”
Jeff Freiert: “Outer Reef”
Amy Friedman: “Lunch, Hold the Soul”
Lou Gaglia: “Antitheses”
Tuere T.S. Ganges: “The Death of an Astronaut”
Judith Sara Gelt: “I’m Using You”
Bill Gillard: “Running Up that Hill”
Brian Glaser: “Too”
Diana Goetsch: “Schneider”
Diana Goetsch: “The Waves”
Susan Gundlach: “Rachmaninoff Speaks of Weather: Etude Tableaux Op.33 No.4 in D Minor,” “Walking My Dog Two Days After the Blizzard”
Vernita Hall: “Chris Botti’s ‘Cinema Paradiso’,” “Pi Charting”
Therése Halscheid: “On Beverly’s Hill”
Catherine Harnett: “Fix,” “Jill, July”
Madeline Harris: “Book Life,” “The Cellist,” “The War Was Won With Ice Cream”
Robin Hemley: “All You Can Eat”
Woodrow Hightower: “This Day Forward”
Monica Hileman: “Mona Lisa Was a Man”
Joyce Hinnefeld: “Polymorphous”
Claire Hopple: “The Fire”
Lowell Jaeger: “Engaged”
Cory Johnston: “Perspectives on Space Exploration”
Danny Judge: “Exit and Bleach”
Anne Kaier: “Bone House,” “Sentence Hunger”
Lynn Kanter: “What Did I Have”
Rosalie Morales Kearns: “Winter Palace”
Thomas E. Kennedy: “The Air Sculpture”
James Kincaid: “Last Resort”
Jill Klein: “Eating Seedless Watermelon”
Philip Kobylarz: “Marzargues”
Laurie Kolp: “A Fatal Mistake,” “The Lake,” “To See You Fly”
Lauren Krouse: “The Swarming Life”
Stephen Kuusisto: “Sand,” “1919,” “The Writing Prompt,” “Thinking of Ted Berrigan on the Day of First Snow”
Sammi LaBue: “Falling Apart”
Helen Laser: “Doppleganger”
Thomas Larson: “In the Guise of Telling the Truth”
Lis Anna Langston: “Dirty Nickel”
Scott Laudati: “Leave Me Alone”
Marcia LeBeau: “After Seeing Dylan McDermott in and Obscure Tennessee Williams Play”
Marcia LeBeau: “Pianissimo”
Aimee Lehmann: “The Flood”
Gahl Liberzon: “The Old NZ”
Zelda Lockhart: “The Empty Nest”
Robert Loftin: “The Gospel According to Hank”
Deborah Lott: “The Elephant Girl”
Thomas Lynch: “Par Rum Pum Pum Pum”
Kristen MacKenzie: “Divorce”
Brandon T. Madden: “A Boy Named Bat”
Donna Masini: “Poetry”
Donna Masini: “Revolve
Sara Michas Martin: “To Know it Again”
Autumn McClintock: “Eavesdropping”
Autumn McClintock: “Quitting”
Rebecca McClanahan: “Gingko Song”
Laura McCullogh: “Longing”
Peter McEllhenney: “Levon Helm”
Brenda Miller: “To Foster”
Steven Moore: “Mountain Dogs”
Cameron Morse: “Tattoos”
Cameron Morse: “The Strain”
JB Mulligan: “Saint Jerome in the Desert”
Casey Murphy: “Fences”
Peter E. Murphy: “Note
Peter E. Murphy: “Hot and Sour”
Virginia K. Nalencz: “The Wild Things Go Downtown”
Randy F. Nelson: “Mrs Borges”
Dave Newman: “It’s Not as Bad as It Was”
Michael Northen: “April”
Maureen O’Brien: “Theo at 3”
Catherine Orlando: “Number One,” “Number Two”
Leila Ortiz: “The Dead”
Scott Owens: “13 Ways of Angels”
Adriana Paramo: “Phony Boys and a Moment of Truth”
Helen Park: “All Twelve”
Edward Palumbo: “The Woods”
Joel Peckham: “Flight”
Robert Penick: “Hell Hath No Fury”
Simon Perchik: “Untitled,” “Untitled”
Nancy Priff: “Sudden Storm,” “The Furies,” “Tithonus Cries Enough
David Raney: “Jumping the L”
Eldon Reishus: “old rockstar”
Seema Reza: “Fear”
Christin Rice: “The Ride of My Life”
Daniel Roche: “Pantoum in The Margins”
Daniel Romo: “The Men Who Chase Storms”
Elizabeth Rosen: “When the Wind Blows”
Robert Sabo: “On the Radio”
Susan Sage: “Vestige”
Dani Sandal: “Too Late”
Lauren Scharhag: “Wild Onions”
Steve Schutzman: “The Word Dog”
Lynne Shapiro: “Inception,” “Insecure Poem,” “Mary Quant Memories”
Nancy Powichroski Sherman: “The Long Wait”
Carolee Sherwood: “After We Kissed for the First Time”
Enid Shomer: “Stony Limits”
Rachel Simon: “The Bells of God”
David Simpson: “Life Guard,” “Why I Never Married,” “In Trutina Mentis”
Jon Sindell: “Death in Venice,” “Study: Summer Vines”
Curtis Smith: “The River of Ghosts”
Dustin Beall Smith: “Grace”
Suzanne Farrell Smith: “Crash”
Sharon Stephenson: “Eduard, Sasha, and I Go to the Black Sea”
Phillip Sterling: “One Speaks of Loss,” “Sandburg and Me”
Allen Strous: “Beatitudes,” “Have It”
Terese Svoboda: “Refugee Lessons”
Sue Swartz: “Deuteronomy,” “Live Your Way Into the Answer,” “Mutable Cloud”
Madeline Tiger: “Sheep Herding,”The New Wife
JC Todd: “Where They Were Sent: 1949,” “Red Sky”
Martha Anne Toll: “Phosphorescence”
Vincent Tomeo: “Winter Lover”
Daniel Torday: “The Road Atlas”
Ruth Towne: “Behind the Second Floor Dormer”
Kathryn Trueblood: “Anything but That”
Robin Turner: “In the Margins,” “For the Swan at White Rock”
Lee Upton: “Miniatures”
Nance Van Winckel: “Cable Channel 4931,” “Illusory Chill”
Katherine Vaz: “Our Lady of the Artichokes”
Robin Vigfusson: “I Remember You”
BJ Ward: “Christmas Eve”
BJ Ward: “Singing the Divorce Paper”
Cathy Warner: “Canning Tomatoes”
Kelley White: “First Birth (after Sharon Olds)”
Christie Wilson: “Summer Reading”
Mark Wisniewski: “Gently (With Tablespoons)”
Anne Harding Woodworth: “Quantum,” “Stuart and the Nightingales”
David Worrell: “Great Nature”
David Worrell: “Physics”
David Worrell: “Right in the Neighborhood”
Hilary Zaid: “And the Wisdom to Know the Difference”
Judith G. Zalesne: “Sunroom October, 2014”
Theodora Ziolkowski: “Tracks”