The Cellist [poem] by Aimée Harris

Zoe Keating hugs her instrument
like she would comfort her child.
Her long, thin arms reach around
and gently caress the strings.
She says this song was written for her
boy when four months shy of birth.
She calls it Optimist
and each note seems a growing wish.

I imagine how it must have been
when she composed it
each strum resonating through
her rounded belly.  She’d have
adjuster her position already
his presence making a difference,
I believe with each little kick
he danced to the sound
of his future.


Image of 1930s Switchboard Operator

[Refer: This poem refers to “The Cellist” by Galway Kinnell.]

Image by Rebecca Siegal via Flickr Creative Commons

Image by CelloPics via Flickr Creative Commons

Aimée Harris received her BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing at Montclair State University, her MFA in Creative Writing from  Emerson College in Boston and a master’s in library science from Rutgers University.  She is the Head Reference Librarian at the Hoboken Public Library where she runs monthly creative writing workshops.

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